Top Five orGLAMic Chocolate Treats

I’ve heard the phrase “Money talks. Chocolate sings” before, and nothing could be truer than with the carefully curated selection of organic treats below.  Ranging from healthier, vegan options to the most decadent designs, these are sure to satisfy.  Whether it is to quench your own cocoa craving or you are looking for the perfect gift (one can never go wrong with diamonds or chocolate!) take a peek at these items featured in this week’s Top Five orGLAMic treats.


A popular offering at star-studded Los Angeles events, each of these vegan chocolate truffles is filled with super rich antioxidant foods such a blueberries, green tea, sunflower seed butter and pumpkin.  Lower in fat and sugar then their conventional counterparts (so that’s how the stars stay skinny…) these treats are good for you, the planet, and your sweet tooth alike.

Compartes Chocolatier

Handcrafted by LA-based chocolatier Jonathan Grahm these infamous chocolate truffles are made with all natural ingredients and sans added sugar or preservatives.  The truffles, whose flavors change seasonally, gain their flavors with market fresh organic ingredients including fresh fruits, teas, spices and toffees.  The presentation of these desserts a make them a no-brainer gift selection that could guarantee you access into any co-op you please.


Dagoba offers17 different varieties of chocolate bars ranging from the Superfruit Bar with acai, currants and gogi berries to the more delicate Lavender Blueberry Bar. All of these treats are created using sustainably grown, organic cacao alongside pure essential oils, fruits and nuts.  And because bars aren’t enough, this organic chocolate company also makes drinking chocolate, baking chocolate and more.

Vosges Haute Chocolate

With a wide range of chocolate offerings Vosges truffles are one of a kind.  Not to deter from the flavor that they pack, I am also love the simple, luxe packaging that highlights just how beautiful each piece is.  The entire line of these ‘haute chocolates’ are made using 100% renewable energy within organic manufacturing facilities.  In fact, the chic packaging is 100% recycled, with the ‘plastic’ portion made of compostable cornstarch.


Offering dozens of delightful delectables, of the more unique offerings from the eco-conscious company are their irresistible Drunken Figs.  Made entirely by hand, these whole organic figs are soaked in sustainably produced port-style wine and then coated with a crisp shell of organic, fair-trade chocolate.   These are a must for the adventurous chocolate connoisseur.

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