Todd English’s da Campo Osteria is Embracing the Slow Food Movement in South Florida

Todd English’s da Campo Osteria will be trying out a new food philosophy on Sunday, May 16, one designed to slow things down in a fast-paced world.

The famed chef’s restaurant in Fort Lauderdale will play host for a special “Slow Foods Locavoratiousness” dinner as part of his support of the Slow Food movement, an initiative born from a nonprofit of the same name in 1989 designed to counteract fast food and fast life. English is battling chubby cheek-causing fare and putting his own healthier spin on the way we cultivate our culinary traditions.

Da Campo Osteria’s “Slow Foods Locavoratiousness” menu will celebrate family-style meals for $59 per person with such delights as Jim Wood’s Florida Heritage pork, spinach risotto, and mozzarella pulled table-side. (see the full menu below).

Todd English has enjoyed a successful career with numerous accolades under his toque. In 1991, his Mediterranean food seized the tongues of the culinary connoisseurs when the James Beard Foundation named him “National Rising Star Chef.” While the list of world greats who don’t live up to their potential is miles long, Todd English is certainly not one of them. He took that 1991 tap further and in 1994 claimed “Best Chef in the Northeast” from the acclaimed foundation. In 2001, English was awarded Bon Appetit’s “Restaurateur of the Year.”

Da Campo Osteria boasts authentic regional Italian cuisine and a unique architectural design by renowned interior designer, Bob Puccini. Guests receive star treatment and enjoy an earthy ambiance while feasting on a menu of handcrafted pastas and wood grilled flatbreads, to name a few. With English’s da Campo Osteria joining the “Slow Foods” movement, you are guaranteed a taste-worthy meal and less wide-eyed looks of astonishment when you step on the scale.

Slow Foods Locavoratiousness at da Campo Osteria
To be served Family Style

Artisan breads of the day

  • Lievito…Locally Caught Yeast
  • Freshly Pulled Mozzarella, Walter’s Tomatoes
  • Crudita di Verdure, “Bagna Cauda” Aioli
  • Swank Farms Mixed Greens, Olio di Olive & Pignoli
  • Roasted Root Vegetables, Honey Vinaigrette
  • Mozzarella Pulled Tableside ($16 supplement)


  • House Made Ricotta Ravioli
  • Tonnarelli con Pomodoro Fresca
  • Spinach Risotto, Pepperonatta
  • Pork Meatballs


  • Cioppino of Floridian Bounty
  • Fregola, Week’s Catch, Saffron & Fennel
  • Jim Wood’s Florida Heritage Pork
  • In Many Guises, Peas & Baby Carrots


  • TBD