Summer Loving

We are getting ready for summer here at Mr Chow. While our menu does not change with the seasons, we have lots of options for our guests. For those diners that have yet to experience the cuisine at our restaurant, I recommend you try some of our summer favorites.

Understandably, the warm weather alters appetites, and many diners crave lighter fare during the summer months. In that regard, Mr Chow’s original recipe Ma Mignon, Green Prawns, Beijing Chicken, and Black Cod Filet in Sichuan Sauce are my top recommendations for this season’s more subdued palates.

Though I am not one to play favorites with the many entrées on the Mr Chow menu, I have always been partial to Ma Mignon. The deliciously tender beef dish is one of the most-ordered items in our restaurants. However, if red meat is not for you, then the Green Prawns, another house specialty, is a must-try. Immortalized by the famed Keith Haring portrait Mr Chow as Green Prawn, this dish is a light option coupled with vegetables. The Black Cod Filet in Sichuan Sauce is also a good choice for those who aren’t in the mood for red meat, and the famous Squab with Lettuce is prepared with chicken, but there is also a vegetarian option. Additionally, I love steamed fish during the summer, as it is light, fresh, and delicious.

Aperitifs also play a large part in bringing out the flavor and substance of Mr Chow dishes. Generally speaking, Champagne always pairs well with our cuisine. If you choose a beef or chicken entrée, I also recommend a red Burgundy like Gevrey-Chambertin. Then complete your meal with our Grapefruit Granita. While I can’t promise a flat, empty stomach, you will leave Mr Chow feeling satisfied.

Bon Appétit,
Chef Yuen Keung Lau
344 North Camden Dr.
Beverly Hills, CA 90210