Eames Inspiration Collection at Barney’s

It’s not every day that you can literally buy the actual item from a Barney’s window, but Eames and Operation Design paired up and are bringing you just that and better yet, it’s for charity!

A unique collection Eames Molded Plywood Lounge Chairs were transformed into one-of-a kind art pieces by leading graffati and street artists, such as Aakash Nihalani and Billi Kid. The pieces are currently featured in Barneys New York Windows (Madison Avenue and 61st street).

Auction is running until June 1st. Make your bid at http://www.opdesign.org/eames-inspiration.

Operation Design is an independent 510c3 non-profit based in New York City connecting students with professionals to inspire the next generation’s creativity and put it to practical, important and real use.

**Lead photo courtesy of James and Karla Murray**