Carly Simon brings 1Oak Vanity to their Knees

“You’re So Vain,” an appropriate song for Manhattanites, rang to the tune of a once in a lifetime experience last week. The kind of moment that makes New York truly feel like a place to call home.

Lucy Simon and Carly Simon

Carly Simon took the stage with her son Ben Taylor at 1Oak in Chelsea. Looking younger than ever, relaxed and poised, she performed in front of an intimate gathering of friends, family and fans. The ambiance was void of the typical show of bling and sparkler air born Moet. Instead a relaxed atmosphere of sincere creative energy and raw talent buzzed through the air…70s anyone?

Calling guests onto the stage to sing along, the front row welled up in tears and the soft flash of camera phones.The occasion was a contest for the first official video for Carly Simon’s Classic Song “You’re So Vain.” Hosted by the Tribeca Film Festival and Iris Records, the contest was a collaboration between TFF and AOL “Spinner.”