Calling All Sailors: Fiat Chairman Gianni Agnelli’s Famed Yacht is On the Market

Once owned and loved for decades by former Fiat chairman Gianni Agnelli, who passed away in 2003, the breathtakingly beautiful Agneta yacht has been put up for sale in France. Easily recognizable by its distinct, crimson-colored sails and superbly varnished Mahogany hull, the 82-foot-long (25 meters) yacht was designed by Knut Reimer and built circa 1950 on the Baltic shore. Having performed exceptionally well on the Mediterranean Classic Yacht regatta racing circuit, the Agneta has retained its superb speed and elegant mid-century aesthetics, yet will still be able to offer its new owner plenty of modern luxuries.

Beneath the modern Burma teak deck is a spacious stateroom complete with polishing paneling and majestic inlay detailing, a marble fireplace, master bathroom, and state-of-the-art TV, DVD, and sound system. There’s also room for two guest cabins with en suite bathrooms and showers, as well as separate crew quarters. For additional specs on the rest of the yacht’s outfit, see the listing here.

For a cool $1.8 million, no doubt you would have the time of your life walking the same deck as the worldly playboy and yachtsman Agnelli, who in his time ran one of the most famous Italian car manufacturing companies, possessed an estate once worth $4.4 million, and entertained such international beauties as Swedish model Anita Ekberg and American screen siren Rita Hayworth. The Agneta is a unique artifact of the life and legacy this stylish gentleman left behind to the world … and as such, would we expect anything less than its superior craftsmanship and beauty?