Billionaire Italian Couture Boutique Opens in Dubai Mall

Billionaire Italian Couture, a high-end fashion brand only for men just opened its first boutique in Dubai. Founded Italian media and sports tycoon Flavio Briatore, the brand has designed tailor-made clothes for the elite since its establishment in 2005. Both Briatore and the brand’s UAE business partner, Mohi-din BinHendi, president of BinHendi Enterprises were present at the in-store launch.

Billionaire clothes are eccentric yet classy and cater to men who have an appreciation for such fashionable dichotomy. The new store will bring such designs into an everyday environment. The store will offer evening wear ensembles, personalized bathing robes, monogrammed socks and even slippers embroidered with personalized astrological signs.

“Billionaire couture already has a dedicated following among clientele who favor tailored elegance with a touch of whimsy, with celebrities such as David Beckman and Paul McCartney among its fans, ” said Mr. BinHendi. The brand serves as the latest addition to the prestigious portfolio of luxury brands which make up the fashion division of BinHendi.

Now just around the corner, this revolution in menswear is sure to be a favorite among Dubai’s locals and expatriates.