Arizona Biltmore: Still the Patriarch of High Society

The Arizona Biltmore is like the Rockefeller of our state’s resorts.  It is untouchable, literally as well as figuratively, tucked far back into what can only be called mansion row of the Biltmore area, under the constant watchful eye of the Wrigley Mansion, exuding power, class, and history unlike any other space available for reservations in this state.  It looks like a Frank Lloyd Wright inspired castle, and once you’re inside it’s grand doors, you see that’s exactly what it is.  Although, being wrought with history doesn’t mean the Arizona Biltmore isn’t staying current, and their newest renovation wing, Ocatilla, is proof positive that old money doesn’t mean old news.

The name Ocatilla comes from the camp that Frank Lloyd Wright created as the exclusive, secluded space to be used by his architects while designing buildings back in 1929.  It was here that he coined his famous term,  “So long as we had the luxuries, the necessities could pretty well take care of themselves.”  It was a place for inspiration to hit you while designing something magnificent, and it is the history behind the name of the newest wing  at The Biltmore.  Ocatilla is a retreat within the oasis of The Biltmore, bringing the level of service and luxury to an entirely new expectation.  With increased amenities such as an exclusive lounge for only Ocatilla guests, complete with a fully stocked complimentary continuous food and drink bar that can be visited at any time, a concierge service just for this wing, and the remarkable Biltmore service at every turn. 

Staying at Ocatilla is almost like getting to stay at the most intimate and convenient guest home you can dream up.  If you’re hungry, you can head to the lounge and see what the chef has laid out as snacks.  If you’re thirsty, you can snag a soda or glass of wine from the complimentary bar.  If you need to handle your travel arrangements, the concierge will print your boarding pass and arrange your car.  If you want to swim, you have a pool right outside your door.  Yet, while you’re being catered to so completely, don’t forget you’re also a Biltmore guest and this means all the pools, water slide, spa, restaurants, and grounds are open to you as well. It’s the best of two amazing worlds, and it’s all held together effortlessly by the Biltmore standards that have been a major part in shaping our Phoenician society in the last 87 years. 

While many resorts pop up in our state, and many are truly incredible in what they offer, there is nothing quite like being the best for almost a century.  It means something to say that JFK and Frank Sinatra enjoyed this gorgeous hideaway castle, and to uphold that level of magificence and service for so many years is a true testament to the greatness of The Arizona Biltmore.  There are many choices in Arizona when it comes to luxury resorts, but nothing can claim the history, showmanship, and tradition of excellence like The Arizona Biltmore.  To have created this new initmate retreat within their grounds, Ocatilla, is to remind all of us that trends come and go, but aristocracy never changes.