A Swiss Chocolatier in the Desert

Tucked away in Ras Al Khamiah, an Emirate just forty-five minutes away from Dubai, is a Swiss chocolate factory. Recently opened in May 2008, this hidden treasure produces some of the best chocolates imaginable. Managing Director Daniel Hutmacher works side by side with fellow Swiss and former reputed New York City pastry chef Serge Decrauzat to create delicious and innovative chocolate creations.

The chocolate market has recently seen a boom in the Arabian Peninsula. Over the last few years numerous speciality chefs and suppliers have moved to the region among them are names such as Neuhaus, Godiva, and Leonidas, three of the biggest brands in Belgium. In addition are innovative newcomers such as Cacao Sampaka, a chocolate-based store originally from Spain; Kuwaiti brand “The Chocolate Bar,” which now has three outlets in its home country; and Forrey and Galland, a French brand with a history originating in Paris and now based in Dubai.

Before establishing his chocolate factory Daniel conducted research on the chocolate eating tendencies in the Arabian Peninsula. His studies revealed that the Middle East was one of top five chocolate consuming regions of the world hence the perfect place to launch a business.

But what makes Daniel’s chocolate so different from other brands? The Swiss chocolates found in his state-of-the art production facility in Ras Al Khamiah use only the best natural and high-end ingredients and place a special emphasis on the quality and care of the chocolate. Chocolates are produced fresh everyday. Daniel’s chocolates presently come in three lines: The Classic Line, the first to be launched, reflects an international array of tastes and preferences suitable to the great diversity in the United Arab Emirates; The Taste of Arabia Collection, which caters to the specialties of region incorporating the finest ingredients from around the Middle East; and the Sugar Free Line, also called the “.DOT” line for the little colorful dot placed on top each chocolate.

The Taste of Arabia Collection is truly delectable. These delicious wonders are filled with every tasty ingredient that you can find in the region such cardamon, coffee, halwa, dates, figs, herbal teas, rose water, mint, and also, for very special occasions, the luxurious Arabic perfume Oud. These chocolates made in the desert are a true marvel and exceptional delight.

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