4 Great Dates in Chicago

After hearing horror stories from my girlfriends as of late, I’m beginning to get the impression that men are absolutely clueless as to what constitutes a good date (or more like what I always knew had been reaffirmed). Hint: it typically does not involve beer.  So boys, it’s your lucky day, your very own cliff notes guide to some of the best spots in Chi to impress your honey. I’ll even let you tell her you came up with these on your own.

Double Dip.

With live classical and flamenco guitar serenading you, Geja’s Cafe is an intimate fondue spot that has consistently ranked one of the most romantic restaurant in the city. There’s nothing like sharing cheese, flaming chocolate, and great wines to set the mood. Because if there’s one thing the French know, it’s romance.

Geja’s Cafe, 340 W. Armitage Ave., Chicago

Swoon over Drinks Near the Fire.

One of the most talked about establishments in the city, the Violet Hour sets a scene of classic elegance straight out of the early days of Prohibition. Voted one of the best bars in America by Esquire, they truly understand the meaning of the art of the cocktail to give you inspirational talking pieces all night long.

The Violet Hour, 1520 N. Damen, Chicago.

Hit the Water.

There’s nothing like summertime Chi and with the city as a backdrop, head out on the water for some adrenaline pumping fun. Charter a sailboat or rent a jet ski for a private day on the lake.


Bring the Party Home.

Hire a chef to cook for you. Chef Daniel will consult with you ahead of time to create your ideal menu, bring the ingredients, and cleanup, without you lifting a finger besides to sip your wine. Or, make it an event and have him teach a private home cooking class for some togetherness time. Can you say romantic?