The Greatest Premieres at the Linwood Dunn Theatre

Linwood Dunn Theatre in Hollywood premiered the award winning film, “The Greatest,” the drama marked the debut of Shana Feste as writer/director. In attendance were the film’s co-stars, Pierce Brosnan and Carey Mulligan, accompanied by fellow cast members, friends, and family.

The drama depicts the life of a grief-stricken couple played by Pierce Brosnan and Susan Sarandon, the two recently lose their son to a tragic car accident. Rose (Carey Mulligan), a woman claiming to be pregnant with their son’s child appears creating friction within the family but ultimately her presence unites everyone.

Mr. Brosnan appeared in a slick and smooth suit, while co-star Carey Mulligan sported short blond hair and a classy dark blue dress. Also in attendance were Tobey McGuire, Beau St. Clair, and Lea Thompson. The film debuts nationwide April 2, 2010.

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