The Five Hautest Toys in the World

We’ve done our fair share of “Top” lists before. Heck, we even have the Haute 100 list of “top” VIPs. But this list, though few in numbers, tops them all. Why? Because of the sheer amount of money needed just to earn a spot here. One of the commandments states you shouldn’t covet thy neighbor’s possessions, but for this, we think there can be a slight exception.

$1.2 Billion-Dollar Yacht

The first item on our list would be none other than the mega-luxury yacht Eclipse. Worth a staggering $1.2 billion, Roman Abramovich’s 557 foot-gargantuan pet comes equipped with two swimming pools, two helipads, several on-board tenders and a submarine, among many other specs. One of her most recent additions (and rather ingenious, we must say): a laser shield whose purpose is to inspect the yacht’s surroundings for paparazzi. If an unsuspecting pap is caught, the laser shoots a bolt of light toward the camera to destroy any photo. Several celeb names come to mind who might want to invest in this type of technology.

$1 Billion Building

Our next most expensive item on the list is a little more set in its location. Ladies and gentlemen, it is the Mumbai-based Antilla estate (which we have featured here at Haute Living), worth an impressive $1 billion. Among its many amenities, you will find a staff of 600 servants, six floors of parking space, nine elevators, and hundreds of storage rooms and lounges. The 27-story, 40,000-square foot mega estate belongs to Mumbai’s very own petrochemical giant, Reliance Industries. Given the hefty price tag, we’re positive they use the beautiful building to the fullest.

$60 Million Island

The aformentioned yacht to travel to and from our next item would come in pretty handy. Why? Because it’s a private island worth about $60 million dollars. Virgin Group (and Necker Island) owner Richard Branson originally bought the private island in the British Virgin Islands for $100,000, though other sources speculate the former price tag was actually $270,000. But that’s ancient history; for what it’s worth now, Branson would make another boatload of cash if he were to sell this baby. But we pose yet another question: why would he do that?

$14 Million Rolls-Royce

This rather prestigious automobile is next on our list for many reasons. For starters, it has a prestigious owner, the Sultan of Brunei. It’s also a $14 million Rolls-Royce convertible, appropriately titled, “Star of India.” Its previous owner was of royal status as well: The Maharaja of Rajkot. Oh, and by association it has immunity in court. So if you find yourself wondering why its got the $14 million price tag, read this paragraph again.

$2 Million-Dollar Sandals

The last item on our list would make Cinderella jealous. The $2 million Stuart Weitzman sandals have made our lists before and the pretty pair has done it again. Weitzman’s babies will garnish your haute tootsies with 185 carats of tanzanite and 28 carats worth of diamonds. Along the front of the shoes are a slim strap of diamonds, with most of the bling surrounding the ankle strap. With shoes like these, who needs a prince charming?