Rock the Kaz-Bah: Kazimierz Scottsdale

You know that scene in Goodfellas where Henry takes Karen in the back entrance of the club, through the kitchen, past all the normal people to a front row table set up just for them?  That’s the feeling you get when you enter Kazimierz, the amazing wine bar hidden away right next to owner Peter Kasperski’s bigger name showcase, Cowboy Ciao.  The dark, cushy room, the gorgeous hostess leading you to your table, and the array of posh wine after posh wine gives you the idea that you’re pretty important, because not just anybody hang out in places like these.  With words of wisdom etched into wood on the walls, you’re not just in “some bar” when you’re here.

Kazimierz is one of the very few incredibly knowledgable wine bars in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area, and they are the only recipient of the prestigious Wine Spectator Award of Excellence in the entire state.  To say that you’re going to get a good wine here is like saying Madonna is going to give a good concert.  Wine is their business and their business is on point.

Their approach to wine and food is global in perspective and ambition.  Name a part of the world and you can bet in their 3200 bottle collection, it’s being represented in this den of vino, and while wine is the main course in these walls, it’s certainly not the only dish.  Boasting a menu of world delicacies, live music, beautiful waitresses, and a vibe that you’re hanging with the popular kids in class, Kazimierz is a swank way to spend an evening.  So while only a handful of people spell the name correctly, once you’ve been to Kazimierz you are bound to come back, if only to appear more cultured and hip than you actually are.  Cozy in size, international in knowledge, and local in address, this is an awesome spot to become a regular, and to impress others by knowing the locale.


Kazimierz World Wine Bar

7137 East Stetson Drive

Scottsdale, AZ 85251

Open 6pm-2am