Haute Homes in University Park

Economy shnomony. The grass is always greener, especially when you are perusing the real estate ads just to get a “glimpse of the market.” But when you see that oh-so perfect, 12,000 square-foot beauty with the salt water pool and solarium that’s currently running a fraction what you paid for that trendy tudor style condo FIVE years ago, your skin starts to itch, and you get that familiar feeling of missing out on the big one. Luckily, there are a LOT of haute homes right this minute for sale in University Park, an astonishing 80 are currently listed, actually. Here’s a few of the highlights.

One and a half acres cropping up against the lush greenery of Turtle Creek, this is truly a one of a kind find in Dallas. Running a cool $18 million, this five bedroom, five bath oasis is complete with a wine cellar, pool, indoor fire pit and salt water aquarium. The open floor plan, high ceilings and modernistic architecture by Frank Welch allows plenty of light and space with an ultra-cool feel.

Hunter’s Glen Road in Dallas

19,000 feet of pure luxury await you in this newly finished property. Two elevators will take you up and down the spacious three floors (one is for private use to the master suite), or you can always take the grand winding staircase up to the his and hers studies, or down to the wine vault.
Six bedrooms, eight baths, all for $15.5 million.

3500 Beverly Drive in Dallas

On the Western crust of University Park lies this stunning $15 mil price tagged home nestled on a 4.5 acre estate, complete with tennis court, private lake and jogging trail. The colorful interior design makes the eight bedroom home a unique, artistic expression for anyone with a wild flair.

10660 Strait Lane in Dallas