Haute Collaboration: BMW Group, Designworks USA, Farr Yacht Design, and Bavaria

In the world of Bavaria Yachts, one statement reigns: emotional design that works. That’s why it has so ingeniously called on the best of the best, a.k.a. the BMW group, Designworks USA and Farr Yacht Design, to create the ultimate boating machine—Bavaria Yacht’s very own Cruiser 55. Individually, these companies embody the idea of first-class design coupled with function; but together, they have been able to create the largest sailing yacht in the market. They simply had to reunite with Bavaria and give it another go.

It was then that the Bavaria Sport 28 was born. It is the smallest motorboat and a glance into the future of a long, well-oiled relationship between the companies; That future is the Cruiser Line, the Sport Line, and the new Deep Blue Line. These three boating lines resonate with Bavaria’s long-standing driving statement of functional and emotional design.

The Cruiser line is optimal for sporty sailing in high winds. Consistent with its predecessor, yet further in superiority and advancement, its concise architectural design provides innovative impulses within the highest functionality and premium styling its maker is known for.

The Sport line is suited for, what else but the avid sportsman, with its bullet-shaped hull and dynamic contours that give it agility and sophistication. Its creative aim is to give owners superior quality and comfort, with a little bit of speed added in for good measure.

Last but definitely not least is the new Deep Blue Line that embodies an unwavering fusion of sporty dynamics, a powerful, commanding appearance, and a generous and innovative spatial concept. In layman’s terms, it fuses the concepts of the Sport line with the comfort of the Cruiser line. A truly innovative concept, it’s sure to please anyone looking for the ride of their sailor life.

With such a distinguished, high-caliber line of yachts, where else would you go? Good call, Bavaria, and kudos to BMW group, Designworks USA and Farr Yacht Design. Teamwork is always a good thing.