Haute Auction: Rare Hermès Briefcase Head to Auction

The Sac à Depeche, a rare and exclusive 20th century gentleman’s crocodile skin suitcase by Hermès, is up for auction at London’s Pullman Gallery for roughly $30,000. It is no secret that during their centuries old history, Hermès has debuted a vast collection of desirable leather goods—the Birkin and Kelly bag are just a couple that come to mind. This sleek men’s variation is a brilliant choice for the dapper gentleman.

First introduced in 1937, one of the first persons to purchase one of these beauties was HRH the Duke of Windsor. John F. Kennedy carried a black version, which was gifted to him by his wife, Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy in 1953. Interesting fact for those history buffs: that same case was carried with him to Dallas, where he was assassinated, the following year. And it fetched an outstanding $700,000 at auction in 1998.

Today it’s going to take 4 to 5 years to get your hands on the Crocodilus Porosos version, available only by special order. If that’s too much of a wait for you, may we suggest a trip to London?

Via JustLuxe