Fundraising at the Waldorf Astoria…and Maybe More

New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo’s big April fundraiser is drawing near, and the anticipation of it all has the press and politicos talking. Could April 28 be the big day when the Dem announces his bid for the Governor’s mansion?

Though most have suspected for eons that he will throw his hat into the ring at some point, the approaching fundraising fete at the Waldorf Astoria has the town talking.

Next Wednesday night, attendees who agreed to open up their checkbooks may be among the first to confirm if the rumors are true. Ticket-holders shelling out $1,000 are privy to a 90-minute reception at the historic luxury hotel, or for $15,000 per person or $25,000 per couple, lucky supporters can stay on for the private dinner with what some are calling the “presumptive Democrative gubernatorial nominee.” (In comparison, President Barack Obama supporters paid $30,000 per couple for a Miami fundraiser at Emilio and Gloria Estefan’s South Florida estate on April 15.)

Whether he decides to make the big announcement or not, this event is being billed as one of his biggest fundraisers since his December birthday celebration, where he brought in an approximate $1 million. Right now, Cuomo is thought to have a lead on the slim competition, with a January estimate calculating more than $16 million in the kitty.