Elie Saab Designs His First Yacht

Hollywood’s leading actresses, from Angelina Jolie to Halle Berry, covet Elie Saab’s fashionable creations. Now yacht owners can experience his talents first hand, as he is expanding his offerings into superyacht design—in both exterior styling and interior décor.

It’s all thanks to Weyves Couture, a company that teams the world’s foremost fashion houses and designers with individuals seeking singular designs for their homes, jets, and yachts. Weyves Couture approached Holland-based yacht builder Oceanco to gauge its interest in collaborating with Saab on a project. The result is ES117, with “117” signifying the yacht’s length in meters, or 385 feet.

While a few builders worldwide are capable of constructing a yacht this size, Oceanco has particularly good experience, having built eight megayachts measuring 260 feet and larger. It also has a decided focus on the super-size end of the marine market.

Oceanco showcased the ES117 for the first time at the Abu Dhabi Yacht Show in March and is continuing to market the project to interested buyers worldwide. Among the exceptional amenities that Saab’s design calls for are two owners’ suites, each being bi-level, plus accommodations for at least 20 guests in 10 spacious staterooms. A spa will also be on board, as will a private cinema and plenty of sunbathing spaces around a pool. But for the ultimate in exclusivity, Saab’s signature will grace the tenders of the owner’s choosing.

“I always sought to represent my vision of modernity and elegance beyond the conventional limits of fashion,” Saab says. “Designing a yacht and conceiving its art of living constitutes a perfect opportunity to expand my brand’s universe by creating the experience of luxury.”

Based on Oceanco’s estimates, the yacht should be capable of a 20-knot top speed.