Eddie V’s Dallas Makes a Splash

You love the seafood at Eddie V’s. But who wants to go to Fort Worth just to get their hands on some claws?

The fish gods have heard your call. On Monday Eddie V’s, the Dallas edition, opened its doors to the public. Situated on Oaklawn Avenue by the Equinox Fitness Center (crab after cardio, check), the new joint has already played host to the major players of local steak and seafood haunts. Last night, in the dimly lit horseshoe shaped bar, I sipped on a concoction with Wild Turkey and Malbec while enjoying the groovy live music in the V Lounge (thankfully classic jazz, sans Top 40 baloney like one would find at Soho or Ocean Prime). Sandwiched between silver-haired, suited gentlemen drinking scotch, I watched the place fill up after 9 p.m., the usual crowd of gorgeous women teetering on Louboutins, ordering glasses of champagne, their escorts footing the bill. The place was packed, and will certainly see even more traffic this weekend.

Eddie V’s staff is the usual mix one finds at steak and seafood houses: 80 percent fellas, 20 ladies. The bartender was helpful and fun (when the guy next to me ordered a shot of Jagermeister she admitted they didn’t carry it just yet, then hooked us up with some healthy portions of Patron), and the menu is shockingly reasonable. Most of their specialty cocktails run only $8, and some salads and appetizers run as low as $7 (unheard of, even on lunch menus around town.) V’s has also got a generous Happy Hour from 4 to 7 p.m., offering great deals on drinks and appetizers. A definite must-try: the crispy cashew calamari. You’ll never go for the rubbery, marinara-dip dish again.