Coi Branches Out Towards New Developments with “Plum” in the Making

Coi chef/owner Daniel Patterson is on the move again, pushing towards ventures to open a second Oakland restaurant he’s named Plum. The four-star chef is showing no signs of slowing down, even during an economic downside. Facing delays with the opening of his neighboring Oakland spot Bracina, Patterson has taken on the development of his new Coi-inspired addition Plum in the Uptown district.

He tells the San Francisco Chronicle that Plum is designed to act as the updated Coi, with high-energy and a more approachable atmosphere. Aiming for a more modern feel, the newly anticipated lounge will feature ingredient-driven dishes. Patterson says guests can expect a similar lounge menu as compared to Coi, but better.

We’re not finished with this one because after opening there’s still more to come. After the restaurant is up and running for a few months, according to the San Francisco Chronicle Patterson plans to take over the adjacent storefront in order to expand Plum by adding a bar area. What more could locals ask for?

Chefs for the opening night will include Il Cane Rosso’s Lauren Kiino who will remain there until Bracina proceeds along with its premiere. The restaurant will feature a 45-seat dining area with a kitchen and 11-seat counter open from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. Sunday-Thursday and until 1 a.m. Friday-Saturday.

Source San Francisco Chronicle