Abdullah Tries to Save Emanuel Ungaro

Remember when you heard those rumors about Lindsay Lohan apparently becoming an advisor of some sort for some fashion house? Well, you weren’t dreaming. Those rumors were true and the fashion house she ended up “working” for was Emanuel Ungaro.

Unfortunately for them, and its owner, things aren’t going as planned for the renowned label…all thanks to, not the economy, but the antics of Lindsanity.

But, let’s back up a little and explain the history of what’s happening here. Back in 2005, a San Fran-based software developer, named Asim Abdullah, decided to buy the fashion house from its original creator. Everything was going well, until the fashion house decided to hire used-to-be actress Lindsay Lohan as an artistic advisor.

Problem is that Lindsay is such a hot mess that now the fashion house’s image is being constantly damaged by her crazy behavior.

Rumor has it that Emanuel Ungaro is simply looking for its prince in shining armor to save them from the humiliation that they’re facing and to give them back their reputation sans Lindsay.

And apparently, in recent weeks, Abdullah met up with ex-Valentino president Matteo Marzetto to lure him in a bid to unload a 75-percent stake in the label.

There have been no confirmations of this, however. And Abdullah even denied the allegations in a recent New York Post article saying “we are not entertaining any conversations with anyone about the sale of the company.”

La Lohan is, of course, bringing bad press to the esteemed fashion house and as of recent weeks she has been yammering to anyone media member who will listen about how Abdullah supposedly tries to pay her with clothes instead of with the green bills.

Unfortunately for Abdullah, it looks like he’ll be stuck with the “actress” until her three-year contract is over. Until then, he’ll have to continue paying her $1.5 million a year.

There’s also a rumor going around that he’s trying to get Giambattista Valli back in the company to work with him. But Valli left Emanuel Ungaro back in 2005 before Abdullah bought the company.