2010 Trend Report

This season, size matters, whether referring to embellished cuffs, statement necklaces, opulent cocktail rings, or oversized hoop or chandelier earrings.

I must also send out the warning that while bigger will certainly be better, maintaining a sense of style and panache always trumps the trends. You should make that trendy statement with just one grand piece of “wow” jewelry. Avoid overwhelming your look (or your admirers) by piling on too much of a good thing.

Design motifs are another trend that will be prevalent during the spring and summer months. Not only are the season’s pieces big and embellished with gems; designers are also focusing on two major styles: organic philosophy and/or geometric foundations.

The geometric trend is one that I have spent years perfecting. Each luxury timepiece in the Haimov Watches collection is created based on my signature—and patented—Haimov octagon-shaped face and distinctive numerical layout, which is uniquely encrusted with colored, white, or black diamonds of the highest quality. The shape and size of the face screams “trendsetter” to the rest of the world.

These timepieces feature a Swiss automatic movement with open encasement on the reverse showing the branded Haimov mechanism. For the men’s line, there are more than 20 different design variations, and most come with interchangeable bezels with ornate designs, allowing for an easy transition from casual to cocktail.