Twin Chefs Fabrizio and Nicola Carro Part Ways

Ever since they were born, they were together. Now, Fabrizio and Nicola Carro, the 34-year-old chefs and identical twins, have quit each other.

Responsible for feeding the growling stomachs of many at the Quattro Gastronomia Italiana in Miami Beach the twin chefs have gone their separate ways, for good— or at least for now.

The reason? One of the twins snagged up a job at the kitchen of the Quattro New York at Trump SoHo, expected to open on April 9th.

But for those of you that are fans of these two kitchen misfits, there’s no need to worry, because one of these attached-to-the-hip chefs is staying behind in the Sunshine State to continue working as an executive chef in Miami Beach.

The twins grew up in Alessandria, a small town in the Piedmont region of northwestern Italy, attended culinary school together, did their apprentices together and moved to Miami together to work as co-executive chefs of the restaurant that shot them to fame.

They were practically glued to each other, and even made appearances on The Martha Stewart Show and Iron chefs…they even ran marathons together.

But now it’s time to go their separate ways and grow as separate chefs. Not to worry though, the menus of the New York restaurant, and the Miami one will remain the same except for very small differences regarding seasonal things—and of course, the SoHo restaurant features a very cool breakfast service.

The chefs reportedly miss each other in the kitchen, but they’ll be alright. If they’ve got the same genes and DNA, they’re bound to perform the same in the kitchen with or without each other.