Top Five Most Expensive Sunglasses in The World

Warmer temperatures are rapidly approaching, and the phrase, “out with the old, in with the new,” couldn’t be more appropriate. With that said, it is common knowledge that sunglasses are, without a doubt, the haute accessory for beach season. Without further ado, here is our top five list of the most expensive (read: haute) sunglasses you will ever lay your eyes on (pun intended).

Fifth —  Louis Vuitton, $1,200  — These glasses are made of solid, lightweight titanium.  They includes folding hinges at both the arms and the bridge. The nylon lenses contain 100% UV protection. LV’s classic Damier pattern is on the frame for those of you who a true sense of style. Considering there are more pricey model out there, these glasses are a bargain.

Fourth — Chrome Hearts,  Kufannaw II,  $1,350  — These ultra-chic and stylish sunglasses include a high-end silver jewelry design.  They are hand-made, traditional yet elaborate, and they undoubtedly attract uber attention whenever they’re worn. The craftsmanship is impeccable, and trust us when we say, nothing could be sexier. These beautiful glasses can be found by visiting Optical Shop International.

Third  — Moss Lipow, $3,800  — When it comes to sunglasses, there are those who go classic and those who go bold. Moss Lipow is one of the “those who go bold” designers. The NYU film student boasts a collection of 3,000 vintage sunglasses. One of his famed designs, made with an ostrich and alligator leather frame, are inspired, like most of his glasses, by the early rock ‘n’ rollers of our time. Boldness can take you a long way, for example, it can take you as far as number three on our countdown.

Second  —  Style 23, $65,000  — Who says precious metal is limited to jewelry? Luxuriator doesn’t think so. For those who favor the real deal, these sunglasses are made with genuine 18-karat yellow gold, ivory buffalo horn temples (which we’re not sure is even legal), and 132 hand-cut diamonds weighing in at a total of 3.45 carats. With all this, you can expect the price to be well over our aforementioned models. While you can buy a lot of other things with that kind of cash, we’d recommend these glasses to all as a top-notch investment.

First  —  D&G, $386, 609  — Who would’ve thought sunglasses could go for more than a hundred thousand dollars? Who would’ve thought a pair could exceed that? Well, we’ve found ‘em, and they were designed by, who else, Dolce & Gabbana.  The D&G Elite sunglasses blow all of these models way out of the clean-as-a-whistle water, costing you a staggering $383,609. Wait, there’s more: these brown-tinted shades are framed in gold and have their famous logo on both arms patterned in diamonds. One thing’s for sure: You will be the brightest star on the beach wearing these bad boys.