Burberry Tuxedos Take Over the Red Carpet

Armani Privé, Versace Atelier, and Marchesa were just some of the stunning dresses worn at the 2010 Academy Awards, but what about the men? Going almost unnoticed, Burberry dressed more than just a few of the dashing men that attended the formal event.

When we think of Burberry, we think of Burberry Check, the black, tan, and red pattern that covers the French designer bags and scarves world-wide. But this British fashion icon represents more than just accessories.

Burberry rocked the red carpet at this year’s Oscars embodying luxury on the backs of celebrities including Jake Gyllenhaal, Woddy Harrelson, Gerard Butler, and the winner for Best Original Screenplay, Mark Boal. The stars styled a variety of the brand’s custom-tailored black tuxedos, iron-pressed dress shirts, silk ties, and shoes.

The designer attire also dressed the entire male cast of “Hurt Locker,” and how could we forget “E!” presenter, Ryan Seacrest, who styled a complete Burberry wardrobe during his live red carpet broadcast.

Looking handsome and confident the simple but chic black suit and neck tie worn by the stars served as a dashing balance amongst the beautiful gowns.