Stonehedge Proves Inspirational as its Predecessor

We were so struck by the works of Albert Allen III, a renowned abstract expressionist artist, that we featured him in the most recent Los Angeles and San Francisco editions. The article, which I had the pleasure of writing, discussed Allen’s unique technique of “symphonic improvisation” (read the article for the definition) and focused on his latest work, The Fourth Dimension, which can be found exclusively at Sherry Hill Fine Arts Gallery in Manitou Springs, Colorado.

While putting together the piece, I discovered that The Fourth Dimension, while stunning, is not the only Allen piece that is worthy of praise. There is also his new sculpture Stonehedge. The sculpture, like its muse, is a circle of stones aligned with the midsummer sunrise, the midwinter sunset, and the most southerly rising and northerly setting of the moon. It is a bit more diminutive in size than the original Stonehedge; Allen’s columns measure 108 inches by 720 inches. Which (for those of you who don’t want to do the math) means that it stands at an impressive nine feet tall and is 60 feet wide.  Obviously this isn’t the type of piece you walk into a gallery and purchase to take home and display on your front lawn. Transportation and set-up could be an issue. But for $500,000, the sculpture can be commissioned for a limited amount of installments throughout the United States. If you are interested, give Sherry Hill Fine Arts Gallery a call at 719.447.7648.