Polish Me Pretty: The Haute 5 Mani/Pedis in Los Angeles

The process of caring for our hands and feet has developed some particularly luxurious facets in recent years.  Thanks largely to technological advancements and the discovery of the benefits of paraffin wax, our manicures and pedicures are more than just a simple buffing of the nail and a polish change.  Not merely a way to wash the workweek from your hands and feet, a manicure-pedicure is now a private ritual during which time you are cleansed, scrubbed, massaged, trimmed, warmed, and polished.  Lady Macbeth, instead of feverishly washing her hands and yelling, “Out! Out damned spot,” should have just found a tres haute manicurist, like these 5 in Los Angeles.


For the discerning woman whose hands and feet can only take so much wear-and-tear before they require an Intense Moisture Manicure or an Exfoliating Walnut Manicure need look no further than Bellacures on Robertson Blvd.  If those sound like amateur hour, why not book yourself a Sea Salt Scrub Manicure, a Microdermabrasion Pedicure, or a Super Duper Pedicure, which all feature amenities that your old manicurist knew not of including walnut scrubs, thick exfoliating crystals that increase circulation, grapeseed oil for moisture, and softening sea salt.  Settle into one of the salon’s oversized and incredibly comfortable suede chairs and let your aesthetician take the reins, especially after all your hands have been through!

Bellacures is located at 239 N. Robertson Blvd. in Beverly Hills (310) 550-5822

La Vie L’Orange

Hidden off a busy stretch of Robertson Blvd, La Vie L’Orange awaits your tired, weary hands and your sore, aching feet. Their astounding Hand Rescue Treatment features a Seaweed Scrub, a Mango Enzyme Hand Peel, and Antioxidant Grapeseed Paraffin all topped off with your favorite shade of polish.  Don’t leave your barking dogs out, your feet can enjoy the pleasures of an Old Fashioned (which makes us want a cocktail) featuring a foot bath of warm milk with honey and oats followed by an oatmeal mask and a massage before getting that deep shade of red painted on.  Take your time before heading back to Robertson where you’ll have to use your hands for such tedious things as getting out your keys, starting your engine, and driving home.

La Vie L’Orange is located at 638 1/2 N. Robertson Blvd. in West Hollywood (310) 289-2501


For those who have been exceptionally abusive to their hands, Thibiant is here to rescue you and your digits.  Step into the serene Beverly Hills outpost and find likeminded women who’ve smartly escaped the outside pressure-cooker that is Canon Drive.  A manicure here is like a day spa for your hands – choose a classic like a French Manicure or be adventurous with a Tahitian Manicure.  Regardless of whichever you decide on, though, their extras don’t feel like time-wasting annoyances that you wish you could skip.  This is the kind of hand-and-feet-heaven where hours can pass by without so much as a glance to your BlackBerry.  Your feet are similarly well taken care of at Thibiant with similar options – Basic, French, Tahitian.  This being Beverly Hills and all, you can also pop into Thibiant for waxing, hair and scalp treatments, hair salon services, and makeup.  Talk about getting a swagger before heading out into the scary world of Beverly Hills.

Thibiant is located at 449 N. Canon Drive in Beverly Hills (310) 278-7565

Bliss Spa

With two locations in Los Angeles, there’s really no excuse to let your manicure go.  The chipped polish, the untended cuticles, and toes that need to be scrubbed into submission – we’ve all been there before.  Bliss Spa takes very good care of you in their signature sleek and cheeky style. Go for an hour-long “Minx” Coat Pedicure alongside the 45-minute long “Minx” Coat Manicure or try a “Head Over Peels” Pedicure with an hour-long “Upper Hand” treatment.  Mix, match, enjoy, and repeat.  There’s the original LA location in the W Hotel in Westwood and their newest outpost at the recently opened W Hotel in Hollywood and they both offer Bliss’ full nail care menu.  That means one thing: doesn’t matter if you’re east or west of the 405, your hands and feet can always be well tended to.

Bliss Spa has two locations in the W Hotel in Westwood and W Hotel in Hollywood. For reservations at both, call (877) 862-5477


You need those fingers in peak condition for things like dialing, and subsequently hanging up on, exes and for running through your hair while flirting with new beaus.  Your feet are equally important for things like squeezing into dangerously high Louboutins and playing footsie.  These are no joking matters, which is why the powers that be at Kinara spa on Robertson Blvd. are so serious about taking good care of your extremities.  Their Basic Manicure, for example, is a forty-minute whirlwind experience of nail care.  Go further and book a Pure Fiji Manicure & Pedicure, which includes a Coconut Milk Soak, a Coconut Sugar Scrub, Coconut Body Butter, and other antioxidant lotions and potions that will make you smell like a Pina Colada.

Kinara Spa is located at 656 N. Robertson Blvd in Los Angeles (310) 657-9188