Pick your Poison, Spirit Bars Rise in LA

In a world where the next big idea is always right around the corner, it may come as no surprise that the kookiest ideas flourish in a city with an exuberant personality, such as Los Angeles. The hautest trend that has emerged lately seems to be a segregation of spirits. Yes my dear, you heard right. Angelenos are taking sides, this time with a slew of bars specializing in serving up one type of spirit.

As Kat Odell from EaterLA reports, the most recent sightings of this segregation have popped up in the form of Las Perlas and Caña Rum Bar. At Las Perlas, those looking for an evening of south-of-the-border-drinking can enjoy its tequila and mezcal. Then again, if the flavors of the Caribbean are more to your liking, you can head on over to Caña for a selection of rum. Other establishments following the discriminating trend are newbies La Descarga and Tar Pit, also severing up rum. Odell sends whiskey drinkers to Seven Grand, and Nic’s for those who prefer the vodka.

Don’t think you’ll be getting a run of the mill margarita or Cuba libre at these fine establishments; they wouldn’t call themselves a cocktail bar if that were the case. On the contrary, the cocktail artisans have a smorgasbord of mixed options for your drinking pleasure. In recent years, the cocktail bar trend has been present throughout the nation, and more bartenders have taken on the sophisticated titles of mixologists and connoisseurs. Now the question remains whether this trend will continue to capture our attention. After all, what is the fun in having only one spirit option? In the meantime we suggest you enjoy the novelty.

Via EaterLA