ONLINE EXCLUSIVE: Traversing the Globe with T.C. Swartz

HL: Detail the philanthropic components of the trips and the importance of that for you.

TCS: Regarding the trips, we get so much from the people and places we visit, we simply must do the right thing and give back. We give travelers gifts at every destination (sort of a pillow gift), usually quite nice. We always make sure that we find items that are made by local artisans or workers that preserve their culture in some way, and if possible, are made by handicapped people or orphans, or some other worthy cause. Additionally, we like to offer many excursions that support the locals and encourage maintaining their culture and traditions. We always have our eyes open for more philanthropic projects similar to the many we do in Southeast Asia. For example, women who produce culture items in India, many worthwhile causes in Africa, and so on. The list is extensive, and the job is just beginning. But we are committed to it. Many people already give to monuments of the world (like Angkor Wat), but not enough are paying attention to the people, their health, their nutrition, and their education so they can have a better future. We concentrate on the people.  It doesn’t do the hungry people of the world any good to have clean air.

HL: Describe the type of person who is typically interested in your trips/what about the trips would appeal to Haute Living readers?

TCS: The type of person interested in our trips are well traveled (they have been to Europe at least), college educated, business leaders such as CEOs, entrepreneurs, or other professionals such as doctors and lawyers. We have had many very well known people on our private jet expeditions, because they like the safety, privacy, and quality of our trips.

HL: How do you determine which countries will become a part of future trips? What is the scouting process like and what are the factors that you consider when mapping a new itinerary?

TCS: This part is more art than science. The itinerary planning and design is the most important part of the trip. There must be a theme, and we must create a compelling reason for travelers to want to go to those places we select. It is not easy. But in general, we look for the uniqueness of the experience and how much each destination will enrich the travelers. This creates the travel memory that can perhaps affect the person for the rest of their lives.