Neiman Marcus Celebrates Excellence in Clothing, Guitars, & Wine

The smooth sound of Benedetto Guitars met with the tailor made suits of Kiton inside the walls of Neiman Marcus in San Francisco on Feb. 18, 2010.

The event was as extravagant and exclusive as Kiton is selective.  The clothing company makes only a few thousand pieces annually and maintains the highest standards in fine clothing by refusing to stray from the arduous work that goes into making each suit.  In fact, the Italian brand founded in 1968 by Ciro Paone and Antonio Carola is world renowned for housing approximately 450 master tailors known to work entire days on single suits.  One of these suits can require the artisanship of up to 45 tailors and 25 hours from start to finish.  With attention to detail of this magnitude, the price of the suits can usually cost the buyer around $6,000.

Benedetto Guitars is an emerging company applauded for the intricate and innovative work they produce.  They were recently recognized by new publication, “Building Bridges: From Georgia to the World” where out of thousands of Georgia businesses, only 26 were chosen to be represented.  Howard Paul explains how this honor means a lot to the dedication and design they put into each guitar.  “Creativity is honored and respected in Savannah and the business community embraces it,” says Mr. Howard

Benedetto and Kiton were joined by Miner Family Vineyards as they hosted an elegant event at the Neiman Marcus Union Square. 750 attendees enjoyed fine wine and music played by Benedetto president/CEO Howard Paul and Mike Oria.

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