Mommy’s Milk Cheese Served Up at Klee

For all bored New Yorkers looking for something out the ordinary variations of fine dining, perhaps a new kind of cheese will spark your interest.

Chef Daniel Angerer of Chelsea’s Klee Brasserie has you covered has managed to get significant attention for converting his wife’s breast milk into artesian cheese. The cheese is paired with Hungarian figs and apparently goes well with a Riesling. It became a sought after item after he bloged about his creation and customers requested to try his experiment. We think this takes dining to a whole new dimension, is it even sanitary?

According to Chef Angerer’s blog, the idea came about when he and his wife faced a breast milk surplus in their home. So what does a chef do when he has vast amounts of milk just lying around? Make cheese of course.  Angerer didn’t seem worried about the sanitary side of things, but was concerned for the ethical side of things, which he soon decided that if his daughter had plenty to eat then it was okay. Klee Brasserie is located in Chelsea and serves a European-American menu “with an Austrian twist.”

Aside from the odd ingredient in his experimental dish, Klee prides itself on serving up local, seasonal, and organic dishes in a whimsical and energized environment for fine dining.