Keller Gives a Second Sneak Peek into His World

Culinary genius Thomas Keller has spawned a few of the best-tasting restaurants revered throughout the world. His expertise alone commands more authority than most chefs in the game. So when Keller decides to let us into his “Kellerverse,” it’s only rational to stop and take notice. NBC New York was lucky to talk to him not once, but twice; and his most recent interview with them, spanning topics from Benno’s replacement to Bouchon and a possible resto in Brooklyn, has been posted for everyone to see. Brace yourself, Keller really tells all here; but hey, we’re not complaining.

In the interview, The Feast gets right to it by asking Keller about his newest chef, Eli Kaimeh, replacing Jonathan Benno at Per Se, one of Keller’s well-known venues. Keller apparently is an intense planner, because he revealed that he had already picked Kaimeh 18 months before Benno left and had Benno train his replacement. Kudos, Keller.

Keller also admitted he has a bit of a soft spot, saying it was a bit hard to watch his chefs go. Keller said that though he gives as much advice as he can and opens his resources to them, the chefs are always going to do what’s most comfortable for them.

The best is yet to come, apparently: when asked if he would venture to open yet another fabulous Bouchon resto, Keller admitted he would love to open one in Brooklyn. Though he doesn’t know the area too well, he had only great things to say about the locale when having a spot of breakfast at Prime Meats.

Check out the full interview to see if there was a revelation about a biographical mini-series in the works.