Inside Look Into Backstage Insanity

Only a select few have the opportunity to witness the insane yet intriguing appeal of backstage events during fashion week. While we aren’t going into the full mayhem of the backstage environs for L.A. Fashion Week, there will be a never-before-seen project that will provide incredible insight into the production of what’s its like to shoot a designer collection.

LA Fashion Week will unveil their new bride this year, the Fashion: Refocus at BOXeight installation, which will highlight the agonizing and arduous tasks that go into producing a photo shoot for some of our favorite designers. Through photography and incredible artistic display, event coordinators will essentially drill a peephole into the madhouse that so many wish to see.

Make-up and hair preparation for the photo shoots will be in an open area, presenting guests with an inclusive look into a very exclusive world. Viewers will be privy to model preparation and finished photos, thus sharing this entire experience. The renowned designers scheduled to exhibit their Fall/Winter 2010 collections through photography installations include:

  • Skin.Graft
  • Orthodox
  • Funktional
  • Isabel Lu
  • Eduardo Lucero
  • Le Sang Des Betes
  • Gabby Applegate
  • Michael Costello
  • Gold Spun
  • Lekuin
  • Kanvis
  • Future Heretics
  • Lloyd Klein
  • Postage

The photographers responsible for capturing the essence of the behind-the-scenes insanity are:

  • Ben Cope
  • Peter Gurnz
  • Robert Sigler
  • Damon Kidwell
  • Adam Secore
  • Dirk Mai

The installation will be on display from March 19 to 21 at 7 to 11 p.m. in the BOXeight Studios located on 1446 E. Washington Blvd. Check for more information.