How to Get Haute: Tips From Pilates Instructor, Anne Winfree

Anne is the exclusive fitness instructor to actress Sharon Stone as well as Dr. Daniel Wallace, of the Wallace Rheumatic Disease Research Center in Los Angeles. Anne challenges herself and her clients to constantly grow as athletes and individuals, and this is what keeps her clients coming back.

She works with Ms. Stone three – five times per week for an hour on a Pilates based workout.

Stone is in the best shape of her life, and has the energy to keep up with her work schedule and her children. She’s about to embark on three film projects, so Winfree has spent the last month building her stamina and fine tuning her workouts so she is camera ready inside and out. Here are some of the principles that keep Stone grounded and focused:

Work hard, rest hard: Initially, Sharon felt the struggle to come into a workout with the energy to work.  Feeling the challenges of raising her young boys while maintaining the demands of her career, she was sacrificing her sleep and feeling the strain.  I encouraged her to make sleep a priority, and things shifted You have to give your body the chance to recover from the stress of hard workouts, life, etc.  so that when you are ready to workout, you can really push yourself. For anyone trying to change their fitness level, eight hours of sleep a night is a must!

Success is more than a number: Sharon has always had a strong sense of holistic fitness. Toning and weight loss are, of course, really important to her, but she has been most excited by the other benefits of her new workout.  After only a few months, she was already commenting on her improved mental clarity, lower stress levels, and she even saw an improvement in her skin tone!  When you start any weight loss program, it’s  hard not to obsess about the number on the scale, and it’s easy to forget about these other amazing changes in your mind and body. When you are losing weight, platueas are inevitable, so when the scale won’t budge, be aware of the other positive things that are changing.

Less white, less caffeine, less alcohol: Whites (sugars, processed flours,etc.) caffeine, and alcohol can derail your metabolism, cause havoc with mood, affect your sleeping habits. Sharon has completely eliminated these things from her diet, and the results have been huge. If eliminating them altogether is daunting,  know that even cutting back on these can make a big difference for anyone.

Plan to cheat!: Sharon and I talk about planned cheating.  Life shouldn’t be about “no, I can’t have” all the time! Know what the treats are that you really love, and make sure that you have them once in a while. Sharon loves the cheeseburgers from her favorite restaurant in LA, and makes a point to have one once a month or so.  That way, it’s something she looks forward to, and it’s a lot easier to turn down the other temptations along the way.