Haute Style: Tokyo Fashion Week

The 10th edition of Tokyo Fashion Week officially wraps today after a week that brought together more than 44 Japanese fashion houses. Japanese designers continue to strive to introduce their collections to the entire world and also to collaborate with top designers from Europe and the U.S.

This effort appears to be working as the event has steadily grown over the years and is one of the only international fashion weeks covered by WWD. While TFW may not have the prestige of New York, Milan, London, or Paris Fashion Week, it nonetheless presents interesting design ideas from both established and emerging talent.

Layered chiffon tops and silky hemlines met shiny leather boots on the catwalks of Tokyo this week, in a blend of old-world femininity and edgy city themes familiar to the fashions seen recently from New York.

Every year, more cities around the globe create their own version of fashion week—from Brazil to South Africa to India to Russia—in an effort to support local talent who often act as inspiration for more recognized designers, so don’t forget to search out new hot designers from unlikely sources!