Dr. Lenny Roudner’s Party of the Decade

Every decade, Dr. Lenny Roudner, Miami’s best breast implant doctor, throws a big bash to celebrate his practice and thank his beautiful-bosomed clients. Last Saturday marked the eve of his 2010 party. Several thousand of his closest friends, clients, celebrities, movie producers/directors and pro athletes all made their way to Dr. Roudner’s contemporary waterfront home on Hibiscus Island in Miami Beach. It was the hottest private party ticket in town with a very well-guarded door. The beauties received bracelets beforehand to gain admission and the lucky boys got secret code numbers to enter. Picture I.D.s were required to prove each guest’s true identity. No party crashers were allowed.

I worked with Dr. Lenny Roudner several months in advance planning the production for the big night.  The obvious theme I suggested was “boobs” in all shapes and sizes to commemorate his artful work. The talent casting required close inspection of each girl’s breasts to make sure they were up to Dr. Lenny’s standards. Everyone from the bartenders to the models had to pass the test.

We decided to have three live model/art installations, one on each level of his multi-tiered house. On the first level next to the indoor swimming pool, we placed a double set of topless tuxedoed “mannequins”— one fake and one real with it hard to tell which was which at times.  This was a party pleaser and many guests posed with the mannequins. On the second level outdoor grand terrace, we placed a naked gold cupid aiming arrows at the male partiers from behind a waterfall.  The men seemed game to be hit by cupid or capture her figure on their cell phone cameras. Up on the top terrace, we had another half-naked model in the swimming pool with a big skirt upon which images were projected.

Laser lights were streamed throughout the party spaces and at one point, the FAA or their watchdogs wanted the lasers turned off.  There was also an L.E.D. lighted multi-colored dance floor outside, perfect for posers. Plenty of food was positioned throughout the party with a crepe-maker, sushi station, panini corner and much more.

If the eye candy sprinkled around everywhere was not enough to satisfy your sweet tooth, we also had a big boob cake and nipple cupcakes created by Passion of Life Gourmet. This too was scrutinized by Dr. Roudner to have just the right curves. To wash down all the delights we had a Select Vodka ice slide in the shape of a women’s torso with vodka pumped out of the nipples right into your mouth. Select Vodka also made a signature cocktail in honor of Dr. Roudner. Full bars were everywhere so no one ever went thirsty.

If your fortune was not good enough just by being in attendance at “The Big Party,” you could have your fortune told by a tarot card reader. There was also a slick silver futuristic babe strutting around the party mixing and mingling with the guests.

Sightings included actor Cuba Gooding Jr. (who starred in Jerry Maguire as the football player with Tom Cruise as his agent), crooner Julio Iglesias Jr., and director/producers Jerry Bruckheimer and Michael Bay.

The night was picture perfect with clear sky and only a slight chill in the air to keep all the breasts perky!

Stay tuned for “Dr. Boobner’s” next big bash in 2020!

HOPE GAINER, President of Hope International, is a global imagemaker, marketer, and branding expert with 30 years of lifestyle experience with a focus today on the luxury market. She produces unique, upscale events around the world. Gainer is a founding member of the Florida Luxury Council and a contributor to several luxury magazines, including Haute Living.  She also represents spectacular “trophy” real estate properties.

For more images, check out photographer Tomas Lowey’s site here.