Chef Michael: Fast Food for the ArtWalk

Chef Michael Schwartz celebrates the third anniversary of his successful restaurant, Michael’s Genuine Food and Drink, with an MGFD food cart, which will be parked on the corner of 40th Street and N.E. 1st Avenue for March’s ArtWalk.

Possibly one of the best parts about Miami’s cultural renaissance is the monthly Artwalk in the Design District. As the night settles in, art lovers and trend seekers from all over the city converge among the streets of  Miami to view some of the latest creations in the many warehouse galleries that pepper the area.

The second Saturday of every month, local restaurants experience an influx of hungry gallery walkers ready for a late dinner after traipsing through the streets. This month will be no exception, and Chef Michael Schwartz is ready for the masses. Taking his own creative genius a step further,  Schwartz will offer up a tasting of his latest gourmet creations to gallery goers on the go.

“We’ve been playing with the idea of street vending for some time.  It’s a great way to test new items and connect with customers outside of the restaurant – and most of all to have some fun,” says Schwartz.  “We challenged ourselves to do it the genuine way, with everything made fresh yet easily transportable.  I’m excited with the result and looking forward to hitting the street.”

Chef Michael and Pastry Chef Hedy Goldsmith will be on hand serving up the delicious options such as the Hedy’s kasha knishes, thick cut potato chips, house-made sausage sandwiches, and butter popcorn ice cream for the first evening. This little cart is cash only, so make sure to stop by the ATM before heading out. Business begins at 7 p.m. and will stay open until supplies last.