B&B Italia Shows Off 2010 Collection

A New Year resolution is the perfect excuse to re-decorate our homes. And yes, I know we’re almost in April and that by this time all of our New Year’s resolutions were probably thrown out along with our new diets, but B&B Italia, the Italian modern furniture company, didn’t forget about us.

The furniture company has teamed up with designers from all over the world to help assemble its new 2010 furniture collection, and it is freaking awesome.

First stop? How about we start with Patricia Urquiola’s, “bend sofa.” The Spanish-turned-Italia citizen came up with a new design that is sure to get many of her fans super excited. The new “bend sofa” was born from the designer’s study of 3D models and digital research. Just imagine how comfortable this baby will be when you lie on it and feel its deep and shallow spaces against your back plus its embracing curvaceous contours.

Of course, with the furniture company being from Italy, it’s only natural to have Italian designers add to the prestige and comfort of the company. Antonio Citterio is one of them with his Ray Seating System. The system’s main focus? Style and comfort, of course. It also includes linear elements, chaise lounges, terminal elements, and ottomans. And for your pleasure, it’s available in two depths.

Citterio also brings with him his new Acro Collection, which brings a sense of warmth to Maxalto. The Acro storage units can basically consist of closed units, drawers, open shelves, and bookcases. They’re available in a bunch of sizes and the unexpected red lacquer interior will surprise you when opened. Plus, a new novelty, the Canaletto walnut finish.

Vincent Van Duysen is also showcasing a set of tables, which highlight the best aspects of his designs. They are simple, petite, and natural. They come in small sizes and were made with the help of natural materials that are sure to accentuate any space.

Also on the list, Naoto Fukasawa’s new Piccola Papilio chair, which is pretty much the Grande Papilio but redesigned and in a smaller frame. But, just because the design is smaller doesn’t mean that its purpose has changed. Nope, the chair was made for complete relaxation and because of its compact size, it fits, practically anywhere.

Finally, the Simplice collection presents Lutetia and Lutetia Vestis, two sofas that evoke a sense of neo-classical beauty and elegance. Of course, they’re comfortable, no question about it. But, they also come in two versions: one with a wooden base and one with a cover. The covers are available in many styles and colors, and just like everything else on this list…these two couches will definitely spice up any room you’re in.