Batman Beats Superman

Recently we did a story about a Superman comic book that sold for $1 million. And when we did that story, we never actually thought another comic book could be sold for nearly as much money. Well, we were wrong.  Just a few days ago, 1939 Batman Detective Comics No. 27 sold for the record-breaking price of $1.1 million. Proving to this blogger, yet again, that money is no object when it comes to wealthy comic collecting nerds.

Just a few short days after the Superman comic book broke an all time sales record, the 1939 Batman Detective Comic decided it was going to kick Superman off his record-breaking pedestal with a pair of kryptonite boots. Now Batman and his boots stand strong atop the fiscally funny world classic Superhero’s, while Superman dabs his crybaby tears away with his iconic red cape.

Like the Superman buyer and seller, those involved with the sale of the vintage Batman comic chose to remain anonymous. Understandable considering there are men out there who would pay more than a million for a couple pieces of penciled drawn paper.

It has been reported that there are around 100 of the 1939 Batman Detective Comics No. 27 still in existence.