And Today’s Winner Is…Hautest Director James Cameron

In our most recent issue of Haute Living Los Angeles, we premiered our Hollywood Power Players feature, identifying the who’s who that are running the industry, and thus, keeping their competition running scared. Some of the names that made our list, proving that they are powerful forces to be reckoned with in Hollywood, are Ari Emanuel, James Cameron, and Ryan Kavanaugh.

Though officially the awards season may be over, topped off with the Academy Awards show a few weeks ago on March 7, we weren’t quite ready to say goodbye to honoring those in Tinseltown who are making things happen and captaining us through the 21st century, so this week we’ve been giving out our own awards.

Just as a recap for those who haven’t been paying attention, so far here have been our selections:

Today, it is time once again to recognize one of the industry leaders. Our choice for Hautest Director is a man who has never settled for the status quo and takes his role as director quite seriously, not only in regards to movie making, but also in terms of breaking technology boundaries.

Today’s winner for Hautest Director in Hollywood is: James Cameron

The Tinseltown titan made our list of Hollywood Power Players in the print edition for a myriad of reasons. Movie titles alone should be enough to explain Cameron’s reach: Aliens, Terminator, Rambo, Titanic, and Avatar

But that’s not all. James Cameron also wins our award today because of his unceasing and not-so-gentle push to define a new technological age. The production of Avatar, the science-fiction epic shot in 3D, was so cutting-edge that Cameron had to develop the revolutionary camera technology he used himself.

When Cameron didn’t take home a coveted golden statue at the end-all-be-all of awards show, he didn’t cower in the shadows of his ex-wife’s win, finding a way to stay in the headlines. Cameron, Twitter co-founder Biz Stone, and the U.S. chief technology officer Aneesh Chopra made a special appearance at the CTIA Wireless trade show’s closing presentation. (According to the website, “The International CTIA Wireless show is the premier wireless event representing a $1 trillion global marketplace that brings together the wireless and converged communications, wireless broadband, mobile web computing and data industries.”)

When some question why Cameron would have an interest in doing a public speaking engagement at a cell phone trade show, publications like PC Magazine cried out, “3D on your mobile device, of course.”

In the next five years, Cameron predicts that 3D technologies will transition from the silver screen, to desktops, laptops, eventually shrinking down to smartphones, which will make the need for 3D glasses obsolete. “…it’s all about mobility,” he said, as reported by the mag. And the technology is such that with a smaller screen, you don’t need 3D glasses. “This is where the big breakthrough is going to come,” he said.

And you thought we were going to talk about the Glenn Beck battle.