UPDATE: Sundance Goes Full Frontal

UPDATE: Haute Living is at the party. Check out the images here.

Sundance Channel’s fashion media platform, Full Fontal Fashion debuted its new series, Catwalk Countdown Tuesday evening at The Standard in an anything-but-standard, very fashionable way. Tinsley Mortimer, Mary Alice Stephenson, Chiara Clemente, Coco Rocha, and her mother, Juanita were among some of the guests who partied and mingled their fabulous, fashionista butts off poolside on the 18th floor of the fabulous hotel while Mr. social butterfly, accomplished DJ, and scene hipster himself, Paul Sevingy spun cool tunes, providing an intoxicatingly cool environment to party, I mean, celebrate in. Well, who are we kidding? Do we really ever need a reason to party? I didn’t think so.

Anyhoo, the new series follows 10 up-and-coming designers as they feverishly prepare, stress, freak out, and of course, eventually celebrate, before hitting Bryant Park’s tents to show for New York Fashion Week, which is now in full swing. Plenty of behind the scenes footage is included in the series, giving you a sneak peek into more of the creative and designing side of the fashion process than what you would normally see on T.V. Thank you Sundance! Finally, someone caught on. The creative process and collaborative working styles of designers is all just as important as the fashionable finished product. If you truly live, sleep, and breathe fashion as much as you may claim you do, Catwalk Countdown is the next best thing to well, your fashion god.

Check Haute Living’s events page shortly for a full cache of images from the scene.