PARKCHOONMOO: Camouflage for the Concrete Jungle

Saturday evening at the Hudson Hotel on 58th Street, we entered an aura of dark, foreboding, and enchanting allure. The world of Korean designer Choonmoo Park was presented in variants of black, white, and gray. Where time began and where time ended blurred, as well as the traditional relationship of space.

Seated on flat steel surfaces which formed around a runway cross, the room cast shadows upon us, and sophisticated pieces of multiplicity were presented. The models marched forth, around, and about, in crisscross patterns which overwhelmed the senses and for a moment we felt the enchantment as though we had been dropped into an M.C. Escher Drawing. As black, gray and white are traditionally New York camouflage, one can expect these pieces to pop up next fall and winter on fashionistas in the streets of the concrete jungle.