Hot Water Has Toyota Reaching for “Sitrick” Ice

Toyota has been in some pretty hot, or shall I say, scalding water in recent weeks due to the multiple recalls made by the manufacturer.  And things are only getting worse.

News reporters and their sidekick camera crews have arrived unannounced on the lots, and countless harassing phone calls are being made to the company on a daily basis. You have to be realistic though. I mean, whenever something is negatively reported about an entity that is as large, powerful as Toyota, there’s going to be a tremendous amount of negative attention, harsh speculation, and all that other defamation of character jazz. And though Toyota probably isn’t so shocked by all of the negative attention, employees unfortunately have no idea about how to correctly deal with these matters. Your average employee is simply not equipped to do so. So, Toyota has found someone to help pull them out of this hot mess and tread a little more lightly throughout the media frenzy. Ever heard of Sitrick and Co.? The P.R. firm specializes in dealing with ultra negative press, just ask Paris Hilton or AIG, some of their past clients. Toyota has hired the firm to help save them from all the fuss.

“The true and accurate story has not gotten out there. We want to make sure that when the media reports on the issue, they get the correct facts and get the dealers’ point of view,” Michael Sitrick told Automotive News. No word yet on the specific tactics and strategies the P.R. firm will use, but I guess one thing is pretty certain- if they can help save Paris, they can definitely help save Toyota.

Information for this story was provided by Southern California public Radio.