Falling for Grace Premiere

On Tuesday, January 26, 2010, everyone was “Falling for Grace” at the film’s New York premiere held at Asia Society. Fans congratulated Fay Anne Lee (Grace Tang), who not only starred in the film but also wrote, directed, and produced the romantic comedy which co-stars Queer as Folk and Desperate Housewives’ Gale Harold, and an all-star cast including Lewis Black, Christine Baranski, Margaret Cho, and Ken Leung.

Dressed in Shanghai Tang ensembles, guests such as Kathleen Turner, Debbie Bancroft, Samantha Daniels, and Tracy Stern feasted on Evergreen Cafe’s delicious dim sum, in line with the film’s Chinatown meets Uptown theme. Gale Harold notably even asked if there were any chicken feet, saying that “they’re delicious, but we eat pigs’ feet in the South where I’m from…and they don’t have that at the Shoreham where I’m staying–only a terrace, but I can live with that! It makes me want to make another movie in NY.”

The fashion contingent also showed in full force, as designers Angel Sanchez, Miguelina Gambaccini, and Thy Diep mingled with the Jennifer Creel, Lara Meiland, and Susan Shin, who makes a cameo in the film. The celebrities in attendance left all to wonder just exactly who is Fay Ann Lee, that she commands the attention of such an eclectic group of politicians, celebrities, fashionistas, and socialites. The answer is the film’s intelligent and funny treatment of mistaken identity and self acceptance, leaving its audience wanting more.

Alex McCord, Sonja Morgan in Shanghai Tang, and Countess LuAnn de Lesseps
Gale Harold in Shanghai Tang
Kimberly Guilfoyle in Shanghai Tang with Angel Sanchez

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