Espresso Cielo Brews Some Heavenly Coffee

For all coffee junkies on the west side, there is a new place sure to jump-start your day. It’s surely a caffeine addict’s best dream to have Caffe Luxxe on Montana, Intelligentsia on Abbot Kinney, and Blue Bottle Coffee at Equator Books just down the block. So here is another grand surprise–Espresso Cielo on Main Street has opened, and is serving 49th Parallel coffee from Canada. Yes, I said it. Canadian coffee is now available on Main Street.

Diane Maler, the owner of the establishment, soft-opened the coffee place a few weeks ago, and is currently operating under the soft-open mode. She and her husband noticed the need for haute coffee and decided to set up shop. The first order of business was to fly to Seattle–naturally–and get special barista training. On the way, they stumbled upon 49th Parallel coffee. The coffee company agreed to allow them to sell their product on the condition that they purchase their fancy schmancy equipment, and they did. Plus, all employees are specially trained by the 49th Parallel team who actually flew out to Los Angeles. I’m sure there wasn’t much arm twisting needed to get them to fly down.

The café also doubles as a patisserie selling pastries from local shops like Cake Monkey and Le Pain du Jour. Breadbar sandwiches are still in the works.