Annual 86-Flight Run Up The Empire State Building

For the fifth time, a 25-year-old from Germany (Thomas Dold of Stuttgart) won the annual Empire State Building Run-Up. Dold finished his 86-flight dash in just 10 minutes and 16 seconds, and was in pain by the time he reached the top of as he sprawled on the ground. He is now tied with two others for the record of the most wins in the event. The contestants began the run in the lobby and finished on the observation deck. In between, they had no choice but to crowd themselves with others in a stairwell wide enough for only two people at a time.

Women’s winner Melissa Moon, a 40-year-old from Wellington, New Zealand completed the run in just over 13 minutes, running with gloves on her hands to grip the railings. When she reached the top, she smiled and said, “Oh, look at that view!”