Dynamic Duo

Nike has conjured up a duo of two industry giants that will be taking footwear to new heights.  What do you get when you take one of the greatest basketball players of all time and team him up with an elite carmaker, simple; you get the amazing new “hyperdunks.”  This shoe is meant for any basketball shoe aficionado who has access to the most lavish and luxurious things in life.  With only 500 pairs being made and at $550 a pop, this shoe will be adorned only by the smoothest of players.

This is not the “hyperdunks” first appearance, as the Kobe Bryant fitted with “hyperdunks” incredibly jumping over a speeding Aston Martin has become a youtube success.  Nike decided to jump on the craze over the video and promote this new line of footwear.  The shoe actually resembles the style of the car itself, adorned with space age silver on the exterior and ruby red leather on the inside, buyers will literally be stepping into extravagance.

Along with the unique design and hefty promotion, the shoe also features some one of a kind branding.  On the front of the shoe’s tongue is Kobe Bryant’s name held up by both the prestigious Aston Martin logo as well as the infamous Nike swoosh.  Inside the tongue is Kobe’s signature, which surely any NBA fan would appreciate.  The design of the shoe looks like it would match any astronaut suit perfectly and it is safe to say that the “hyperdunks” are definitely out of this world.