Astro Allure

What happens when a denim entrepreneur and a fashion-savvy astrologer meet at a cocktail party in Manhattan under a waxing moon? A new line of jeans is born.

Liz Rose, astrologer, and author of the book Bedazzled! An Astrological Guide to Earthly Bliss with Your Man, has teamed up with Catherine Hart, founder of Hello! Skinny Jeans, a brand of jeans that gives you a svelte appearance. Together, they have created Stellar Skinny Jeans, a denim collection that features one of 12 astrological symbols studded onto the back pocket of the slimming silhouettes.

The two women, both California natives, had instant chemistry, and found it easy to agree on the look of the antique brass studded symbol, which is discreet, yet striking. About the astrological symbols, Rose said, “Even though our culture is experiencing an upswing in astrology at this moment, it’s not a trendy subject. And the 12 symbols, dating back thousands of years, have enduring allure.” Hart instantly took to the idea. “When you find the perfect jeans for your body, you want to wear it in different ways,” she said. “And you can wear more than your own sign—you can wear your boyfriend’s sign too,” or for that matter, we suggest the sign of anyone significant in your life. It seems that these jeans are astrologically compatible with all women looking to add some enchantment to their wardrobes and their contours. Manhattan’s social elite are already under the spell of this stellar line.