America Capital Energy Corporation Launches First Fund

Ni Zhaoxing, Chairman of the Shanghai-based Zhong Rong Group (ZRG) hosted a soirée for 40 well known companies in the financial world on Monday, January 25th. These companies included Apollo, Fortress, Cerebreus, Wilbur Ross & Co, The Rockefeller Family, and more. Mr. Ni himself has been called one of the wealthiest men in China by Forbes. The event launched America Capital Energy Corporation’s (ACEC’s) first of three funds. These are Real Estate opportunities for US and China, Oil and Energy, and Mining and Natural Resources. The first fund for $500 million will leverage upon ACEC’s parent company, with ZRG’s position as being the largest private owner of real estate in China. The event was held at ACEC headquarters, overlooking Manhattan from the 65th floor of the Chrysler Building. ACEC’s Pike Feng and Glenn Myles provided cocktails, a formal dinner, and shared ACEC’s visions for the future.

Photo above: (L-R from back) Pike Feng, Xuanti Ying, Jessica Edgar, Chris Pesce, Master Feng, Steven C. Rockefeller, Richard Williams, Glenn Myles, Ni Zhaoxing, Collin Eckles, Alfred Trivilino, (L-R Front) Peggie Williams, Jianlin Gong, Dr. Julie Feng, Gong Jianxin, Jennifer Saraf, and Kate Reulbach

Matt Adell (Related Companies), Glenn Myles (SVP, America Capital Energy Corp.), and Alfred Trivilino (SVP, America Capital Energy Corporation)
Ni Zhaoxing (Chairman, Zhong Rong Group & Chairman, America Capital Energy Corp.), and Gong Jianxin (Chairman, CCEC)
Bruce Lipnick (Founder, CEO & Chairman, Asset Alliance)

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