The New Magnum 100

The year 2010 marks a milestone for Florida’s Magnum Marine speedboats. Known for their ability to provide speedboats that are of high performance and luxurious, the company received coveted awards since the 60s and 70s, winning two World Offshore Champions in Open Class racing. The company was sold to aristocratic Italian boatbuilder Marchese Filippo Theodoli in 1976. Their latest creation, Magnum 100, is highly anticipated by boat lovers. Magnum 100 will be its largest and most luxurious yacht ever. Designed by Italy’s Alberto Mancini and twin 2600 HP MTU diesel engines, this superyacht is as luxe as it is fast.

The Magnum 100 is made of carbon fiber and advanced composites for a high power-to-weight ratio.  Measuring 100 feet, the superyacht has also been equipped with many eco-friendly devices, like an electric “harbor” drive wing engine for slower speeds, running silently without an exhaust. The yacht also features a variety of indoor and outdoor seating areas for dining, as well as viewing areas, and four double staterooms below the deck with gorgeous decor. There is also an expandable top that provides various movable shaded spaces.

Via: James List